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Architectural Afterlife

Architectural Afterlife

Preserving History Through Imagery
  • Once the Largest Dinnerware Production Company in the US: Now Abandoned
    Finally, we had reached a room upstairs with just enough daylight remaining to see. Thousands upon thousands of molds and dishes remained placed along shelves lining the factory floor in all...
  • Coalwood: Home of the Rocket Boys
    Coalwood was a rather prosperous mining town from the early to late 1900s. I’m sure you could guess what they mined, but in case you were wondering, it was coal.
  • The Most Toxic City in America
    During studies, the EPA noticed that the dust blowing around through Picher contained zinc, lead, cadmium and other metals. By the 1980s, the metals had also seeped into groundwater, ponds, and...
  • The Abandoned Palace Theater
    In 2002, the Miss USA pageant was held in Gary. During the event, Donald Trump decided to renovate the front of the theater using sheets of plywood to cover the windows. The plywood was painted to...
  • Abandoned Atlas Hovercraft
    Back in 2005, a company with some big ideas came onto the scene. A Green Cove Springs-based company by the name of ATLAS Hovercraft Inc. was developing hovercrafts that they had hoped to make...
  • Two Guns, Arizona – One of the Deadliest Towns in the Wild West
    In 1878, Two Guns became the site of a mass murder of Apaches by their enemies – the Navajo. In an attempt to hide out, and avoid detection, the Apaches crawled into a cave at Two Guns....
  • Bombay Beach – A Post-Apocalyptic California Town
    Bombay Beach is surely one of the most interesting towns I have ever visited. The town is situated on the Salton Sea, 4 miles west-southwest of Frink in Southern California’s Sonoran Desert. The...
  • Come Explore This Abandoned School
    Come September 1953, the school would open its doors for the very first time as a Saint John High School - opened by Reverend Joseph Feicht. Sadly, it was not long before the building would be...
  • A Century-Old Ghost Town Wiped Out By A Massive Landslide
    Things would only get worse for the town, when in April 1983, a landslide dammed the Spanish Fork River, vausing 80,000,000 cubic meters of water to back up, eventually flooding the town.
  • One of the Strangest Bridges in Ohio
    Sure, the state gets that reputation of being a "boring" place where nothing happens aside from corn farming and people bumping into each other saying "ope," but Ohio has much more than that.