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Architectural Afterlife

Architectural Afterlife

03. Oktober 2022

Preserving History Of Abandoned And Forgotten Places Architectural Afterlife
  • 7 Most Popular Abandoned Buildings To Visit In Cleveland, Ohio

    These 7 places could make for an interesting day adventure around Cleveland.

    The post 7 Most

  • How To Photograph Abandoned Places

    Photographing abandoned places often puts us in some incredibly difficult environments for capturing images. We’re often presented with scenes where there is a huge contrast between light and

  • Dayton’s Abandoned Grand Hotel

    The Dayton Grand Hotel was originally opened as the Algonquin Hotel in 1898. The luxurious hotel featured 400 rooms, which at the time was such a big thing for Dayton, that it led to the city no

  • The Abandoned Home of Counterfeiter Jim Brown

    While it may not be the same James Brown most of us are more familiar with, papa did regularly have a brand new bag filled with thousands of dollars in counterfeit bills. Don’t worry,

  • Richmond Town Square Mall

    The Richmond Town Square Mall opened on September 22, 1966, and was at its time the largest enclosed shopping mall in Ohio with over 90 different stores. This was of course 10 years prior to the

  • Antelope: A Town Taken Over By A Cult

    Antelope is a ghost town in Oregon taken over by a cult during the 1980s.

    The post Antelope: A Town

  • A Historic One-Room Schoolhouse in Ohio Collapses

    This historic one-room schoolhouse located in Fallsbury Township, Ohio finally collapsed under its own weight recently after sitting vacant since the mid-1970s. The building was well-known to

  • A Hospital Abandoned For Over 25 Years

    The St. Joseph Riverside Hospital in Warren, Ohio has sat vacant since 1996. Over the course of 25 years of abandonment, the elements have surely taken a toll on the structural integrity of the

  • The Lindsey Building – Dayton, Ohio

    The Lindsey Building – a structure dating back to the most prosperous years of Dayton, Ohio. The building was constructed in 1917, built with bricks on a stone foundation, similar to most

  • Fout Hall – Dayton, Ohio

    In 1869 (nice), the Church of the United Brethren in Christ voted together for the funding and building of a seminary in Dayton, Ohio. With the denomination’s publishing house already located in



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